The Director Marco Tempest

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“What better place could there be for a collaboration between the world of illusion and the technologists.”

A word from the director

Magic and illusion are a good sandbox for creativity. Magicians are always dreaming of the impossible. Like science fiction writers they are imagining the future, the future that Arthur C. Clarke imagined where advanced technology took on an air of magic. Magic is a unique tool for pre-visualization. The illusion created is so convincing that the experience is almost indistinguishable from the reality.

Magicians already have some well tested tools and methods. They have been built on the trial and error and the practice and performances of many thousands of magicians over the years.  Although magic has a reputation for secrecy, nearly all these methods have been quietly recorded.  This is because magicians have, for over two hundred years, been operating a private publishing industry that documents their entire history.

“Magic is about problem solving and thinking without limits.”

The magicLab is in effect be the world’s first laboratory dedicated to illusion in all its aspects.  Drawing in expertise from many disciplines: Psychology and cognition, chemical and engineering, design and computer.

The magicLab takes a broader view as to how illusion can be used when combined with technology.This can be everything from prototyping future applications and usage scenarios of emerging mobile technologies, like directional audio, 3D cameras and positioning sensors, that will become ubiquitous in the next couple of years. To creating new live theatrical effects and theme park experiences. To teaching technologies where augmented reality and illusion help create an immersive environment to enhance student learning. The possibilities are endless.

“I don’t know what magic will be like in 50 years, but I suspect that it will look a lot like Marco Tempest.”

HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco

Who is Marco Tempest?

Marco Tempest’s imaginative combination of computer-generated imagery, quick-cut video and enthusiastic stage presence has earned him a place in the pantheon of great illusionists. At 22, the Swiss magician won the New York World Cup of Magic, launching him into international prominence. His lively phonecam postings on YouTube , done without post-production and video-editing tricks to astonished people on the street, get millions of views. At the MIT Media Lab, Tempest is researching the link between magic and technology as a Director’s Fellow.

Through his art, Tempest creates a highly entertaining way to be entranced by the reality-bending tech magic that surrounds us all every day. Watch more Marco magic courtesy of Scobleizer … or see Marco profiled on’s Next List.